Fawad ‘Dapper’ Khan



once upon a time there was a little brown girl named [insert whatever name u want here]. people made fun of her in school bc her food was different and her parents spoke a langauge other than english at home. then one day as she got older she became a beautiful badass brown bitch from hell and she annihilated everyone who made fun of her before and ruled the land the end

Message of love in Karan Johars Films

kuch kuch hota hai: love your friends
khabi khushi khabi gham: love your family
kal ho na ho: love your neighbors
khabi alvida na kehna: love your neighbors wife
student of the year: love your friends girlfriend

Manam- Kanulanu Thaake 

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carry a pocket knife at all times

i’m definitely considering that, or maybe buying pepper spray idk

Thankfully nothing happened - but please take a taxi or something next time bb - you can’t be too careful xxxx

our school’s safety shuttle stops after 3am :( but you’re totally right i should’ve called a regular taxi or at least call someone i know to come walk with me. oh well at least i know for next time haha :)

It (music) is a combination of many things. It’s a form of personal expression. It could also mean sharing emotions, thoughts and celebrating things together. Music has helped me open up emotionally in terms of communicating with people. My relationships with people take long to form. I don’t open up easily. Music has let me get on stage and interact with a large number of people. It has helped me to let go of my inhibitions and just be myself.

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i hope ur alright boo

yup i am, thank you so much<33

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is everything okay?

yup everything is fine now :)